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River Medlock


Next to Deansgate

A scenic waterway winding through Manchester, perfect for nature lovers and urban explorers.

Our Review

The River Medlock flows east to west across Manchester, carving a natural path through the urban landscape and offering a unique perspective on the city’s environmental and industrial heritage. Originating in the Pennines and eventually merging with the River Irwell, this river has played a significant role in Manchester’s development, historically powering mills and factories during the industrial revolution.

Today, the River Medlock’s banks are frequented by walkers, cyclists, and wildlife enthusiasts. Certain sections have been thoughtfully developed to enhance public access and enjoyment, featuring walking paths that allow visitors to explore the diverse flora and fauna along its course. The river also passes through several parks and green spaces, providing picturesque settings for picnics and leisure activities. For those interested in the intertwining of natural beauty and urban growth, a visit to the River Medlock offers a refreshing break in the heart of the city.

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Best river in the world I have walked along it ,fished in it, swam in it, camped by it I've travelled up and down every part of this river and it is beautiful 😍 …
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Great place to visit. Its all going on and some areas are very cosmopolitan.
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Walking alongside the River Medlock was such a peaceful escape from the busy streets. I lost track of time watching the birds flit around and snapping photos of the stunning scenery. It's amazing how such a serene spot can exist right in the midst of all the city hustle.